My name is Katie, I’m your bog standard average teen with a dream. ‘How cliché’ you’re probably thinking? Don’t fret, my dream is not to be a world-wide singer performing gigs at the o2 (8-year-old me would have said otherwise); or become a revolutionary world icon winning Nobel prizes; or even to win an Olympic gold. My dream is to make a difference through writing.

I was undertaking my usual Tuesday evening after college the other night as I waited upon tables fetching mayonnaise and ketchup for customer’s ham, egg and chips while pouring pints for middle-aged men as they discussed their horrendous days at work, and I thought to myself… there are so many things I take interest in but lack the time to voice them or enjoy engaging with them within my busy college and work schedule.  I love all things beauty. I love good food whether that be from a fancy restaurant or mum’s home comforts. I love history and the fascinating politics of the 21st century, and I have a lot to say about the world we live in and present day issues. So, I thought, why not write about all these interests and thoughts as a hobby that I will love and hopefully something others will too?

Well, that brings me and you here today. If I can impact one persons day positively, whether they laughed at a humiliating bikini waxing flashback or they had a political change of heart and mind from reading my blogs then I can hands down say my dream has been achieved.

KC xxx